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my photography philosophy

con·​nec·​tion | \ kə-ˈnek-shən  

: a person connected with another especially by marriage, kinship, or common interest.

Your true, unfiltered connection with your partner is what makes the venue scouting, the countless hours of dress and tux shopping, and the endless search for the *perfect* centerpieces worth it. And I want it all to be almost tangible in your photos.


Take it from somebody who has been in your shoes. I’ve been a bride. I’ve been the one planning her big day and feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions. I’ve also worked with many other couples. I want to help you focus on what really matters, and then convey that in your photos.



Your experience with me as your photographer begins long before you step in front of my camera. I know the most authentic and emotive photography happens when we’re genuinely connected. I want to know you and your story, because I value building a relationship with my couples, above all else.

From our first chat, to your final gallery—it’s my goal to guide you throughout your planning process to give you a relaxed, professional, and fun experience. So, when your wedding day comes around, it won’t feel like a total stranger chasing you around with a camera, but a trusted friend—and complete professional—who knows how to make you look as blissful as you feel.


So relax, enjoy the process, and know that you’ll have 100% of my focus and talent to make your special day even more memorable.

there is no such thing as a typical wedding in my book

Every moment—each couple—is unique and should be free to be that, unapologetically. And the way your story is captured should be as authentic as you are. These spectacular memories that tell your love story—the ones that are natural, not overly posed—are the ones we’ll curate together.

I relish the details and in-between moments that make your story memorable.

Whether it’s reciting your vows in front of your teary-eyed guests or announcing your baby bump and growing family, you want a photographer who makes every detail truly unforgettable. You want more than just pretty pictures, you want each gallery to take you back to the moments that make your love story, wedding day, and milestones special. 

because this is what really matters...

When that feeling of nostalgia overtakes you, you’ll want to relive what made each moment matter. The giddy smile and rush of excitement after the big yes, the emotional hand squeeze with your partner before the wedding vows, the wonder when you look at your newborn, and that adorable nose crinkle when your little one belly-laughs. The sentimental value of each memory isn’t lost on me.


my photography style

You’re here because you want more than just pretty pictures...and the beauty is in the details.

My editing style is warm, bold, and creative. This means you can expect more golden hour sunsets, more love, and more joy in your photos. We’ll do more prompts rather than posed shots to keep the authenticity of your emotions, your love story, and your personality at the forefront. I want you to look back on each photo and remember not only how you looked, but how you felt at that moment.


I like to work all the angles and give you my unique perspective of your day. Not a single detail will be missed. You’ll walk away with the candid and thoughtfully guided memories of your wedding day, captured with intention.

  if you're into numbers...  

Yes, you’ll have 100% of my focus and talent. You’ve put a whole lotta work into planning your weddings & your sessions, after all.

Clients have cried happy tears when they received their photos.

Number of weeks it will take to receive your final wedding gallery. Sneak peeks, however, will be sent in 72 hours.

*3-4 weeks for your portrait sessions!

Amazing locations scouted for my dream couples.

the heart of k.r.m. gallery (my core values)


I love building a genuine connection. No hiding or pretendingno need to be perfect. Just you, the joy of the moment, & this photographer, who will make you feel at-ease in all of it.



This means inclusivity. Whatever your race, orientation, or beliefsknow that your love story matters to me. And I genuinely care for you & your story.



Expressive photography is an art. I’m committed to showcasing your love and personality in each photo so you’ll be gushing about it for decades.



Every client is a human first and deserves understanding, patience, and compassion. I try to see everything through that lens.



You’re in for celebration, anniversary greetings, and the occasional gifts. That’s how thankful I am that you trust me with your most important memories.


I'm a firm believer that if you aren't enjoying your time in front of the camera, then you're not going to love your photos as much as you would otherwise. That's why it's important to me to share my joy & energy with youcreating a positive, fun, & natural environment for your photos.

I have a really great feeling about us.

You too?

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